Why Choose UOM?

University of Mayford is an institution with the ease of providing professional education at your desktop, online, offering an extensive variety of globally recognized education and certified degrees. In general we fulfill the needs of those students who need an alternative to conventional medium of education for they do not have time to spare for visiting campus in person or attending classes on a regular basis.

University of Mayford work towards providing the students the chance to progress in their career through academia at its best, without compromising their jobs.

Our Unique Features

Student Development

University of Mayford is offering a wide variety of majors for all their undergraduate and graduate programs. With numerous offerings available, a student can choose for and develop his/her own strength by opting for a major that is directly associated with the current profession and job description. This could facilitate the student in growing on the job as well as in academia hence University of Mayford providing for a two-way advancement in one go.

Rewarding Career

University of Mayford, with their focused attitude towards professionals, commits a promising career with the best faculty and education that allows for critical thinking and innovative problem solving techniques. The concepts taught relate to the practical environment which help the students in equipping themselves with better understanding.

Student Counseling

The dedicated student advisors are available 24/7 to provide for guidance and assistance a student needs during or after the chosen program is completed. Starting from resume writing, job placements and further career advice, University of Mayford is offering all sorts of services with professional student counselors to deal with the queries.

Experienced Faculty

The faculty at University of Mayford are not just lecturers with fancy academic degrees but are industry experts who have gained versatile experience in their related industries and have brought it all to share with the students. This surely enables the students to advance in a better demeanor.

What Sets University of Mayford Apart


Experience self-paced learning that easily fits in your schedule and helps you cope with the routine easily.


We have top industry leaders from all over the world. All are highly qualified and expert in their respective niche.


We are providing top quality education to everyone all over the world. We have broken down educational barriers.


Our offered programs are accredited from top reputed accrediting bodies. So our students study without any stress.


Our support team is active 24/7 for your assistance. From the time you join in we provide support till you graduate.


We have a huge list of institutional & non-institutional partners and we take pride in our partnership with them.

University of Mayford