University of Mayford is not just focused on the mission of delivering premium education, but is also making great efforts towards making a better future for the students. We do so by creating strong affiliations with the world's best employers and maintaining a name in the corporate society.

These accomplice businesses are constantly informed at whatever point there are changes taking place in the educational module or graduates are passing out. Moreover, anytime an opportunity in terms of vacancy emerges at our partner organizations, we are informed in advance so that we can provide with a list of graduates who would most probably be eager to join their organizations. In such an event, we are successful in creating a win-win situation for both, our students and the corporate partners.

When they are shortlisted or accepted in groups, it proves that the education and skills we have developed in our students were in accordance with the standards and that our partners respect and hold faith in us in providing them with the best lot.

Our Internship Program

Knowing the norms of the market and the way things is work is an essential requirement for students to begin their growth process right after they begin employment. It also helps them to understand the application of and get a grasp of how to utilize book-learned and classroom concepts in the practical environment. Such is the purpose of internship programs. Arrangements for these programs has been made by us with our partner employers. The duration may vary from 4 months to 6 months and at the end of the program course work credits are also provided in terms of completing the whole of internship program.

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Our Placement Program

University of Mayford holds placement offices in 6 continents with representatives present in each region. Our partner employers inform us for any vacancy that is available or will shortly be available, along with the requirement of students for project-based or region-based jobs. This way opportunity is created for our students in a way that they become affiliated to world's leading organization right after they graduate.

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Become Our Partner Employer

This special program allows for the employers to get access to our graduates and the authority to suggest courses for your employees to enroll in at the University of Mayford. This creates a mutual interest for both, the partner employees and the students. This program of ours has been the most successful so far as it has proven to be beneficial for both the parties in several ways. The referral programs and access to accredited education facilitates the students to have some real world fancy names on their CV during and right after their education with us culminates.

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