All the institutions working in association with University of Mayford are partners of the university. To create the habit of sending in good referrals, we give significance to and have included all those institutions and individuals to our partnership program who send us referrals. Referral earns them benefits given by UOM. In this way a prestigious name like UOM can be added in your professional contacts.

UOM is currently providing partnerships that are categorized in the following categories:


Conventional universities have created collaboration with us in order to refer their students to attend an online university, UOM, that have a reputed name in the market. This enables those institutions to utilize the faculty and experience of UOM to enhance their own degree life of the students.

II. Training & Vocational Institutes

There are numerous training institutes that have partnered with UOM in order to utilize the courses and degrees options with accreditation and global recognition. It helps these institutes to spread their base with a global outreach as well through our University and its well-known services.


The basic role of the vocational, training and educational institutes is to aid University of Mayford in delivering and maintaining superiority in all that they do. It helps in flexibility and pocket-friendly solutions for our students and professionals present all around the world. Even in the regions where online education is not an acceptable medium of obtaining education, our partner institutes take over and provide for the similar premium experience to the students.

University of Mayford