University of Mayford has created the services in a customized manner that are directly in line with the requirements of our students and professional. Utilizing these will help the students to pursue their dreams of career progression and academia simultaneously.

Students At UOM & Alumni Center

As soon as a student has enrolled at University of Mayford, the access to the student portal is granted. This portal enables the students to choose, change and manage their course content and any other details about the student profile as and when it needs to be updated. It also allows access to any official or university related work a student wants to look into including administration, counseling services, faculty and even the transcripts of course works completed can be requested. This service is designed as free of cost for our students.

Our alumni are also provided with the access to a dedicated alumni portal anytime at post-graduation. It would allow for them to socialize with our globally spread alumni base and the students can also interact with them and seek advice on improvements and taking up courses.

Transfer of Credits

The credit transfer facility is utilized by a number of our graduates who have been benefited with time reduction and cost reduction for their applied courses. This service makes learning easy for the students as it helps them in getting exclusion for credits they have earned prior to admission at UOM at different colleges. It would give them edge to take up on courses they have not studied rather than restudying the ones they have already completed previously.

Prior learning experience also creates exception in the event when a student has command in a discipline he is working for currently, we guarantee them that they will be getting credits for that as well, henceforth more and more students and professionals are utilizing our transfer credit facility and are consistently benefited. This service is also a free of cost service for the students.

Embassy Legalization Services

University of Mayford offers for legalization of all their documents on regional basis. After a degree program, or any other program for that matter, is completed, the University produces an Embassy legalized document in your country of the same program so that it could be utilized in your residential location. This apostille based service is provided at a very minimum cost.

Free of Cost Consultancy

Since most of our students are professionals with a tight schedule to spare any time, we have designed a free of cost consultancy services for them which they can get access to 24/7 via any medium, phone, email or chat. Our dedicated counselors are always ready to give potential advice for career growth and academic related queries.

University of Mayford