School and Majors

Diversifed Fileds of Study to Choose From

Offering 16 professional schools, University of Mayford is providing for quality education like none other. It has a wide array of online majors and courses to choose from that are available to all the students globally. All the schools are leading institutes in the specific regions and produces candidates that are high in demand by employers, thanks to the integrity and brand name that has been developed. Since the nature of the university is research-based, it creates courses and tailor-design the study curriculums that are directly in line with the industry knowledge required for the students to be aware of right after they graduate. Such practices foster for an educational environment that is based on practical understanding and skill generation within the student.

Listed below are the 16 distinguished schools at University of Mayford:

Other Departments

Below are some of the departments that have recently been formed at University of Mayford keeping in view the employment trends and rising demand for these fields in the job market. The below departmemts offer exclusive programs and majors that no other online university offers to date.

University of Mayford