Your University of Mayford's Graduation Ceremony

Congratulations to all students who have been awarded a
UOVT Degree!

Graduation is a significant milestone in every student’s career – it’s an opportunity for the University to formally recognise your hard work and congratulate you on your success.

Moreover, our students celebrated their successful completion of degree program at University of Mayford's grand hall where they were awarded their degree by the president of University.

After the Cermony Photo Session
  • Photography by Professional Photograhper
  • DVDs of graduation ceremony
  • Refreshments

Ceremony invitations 2016-17

When you are eligible to graduate, we will send you an invitation by email. This will arrive about three to four weeks before the ceremony date and will confirm your graduation ceremony time, date and location.

Share your celebrations

Graduation Day is a special day for all students, and we want you to share your celebrations! Send us your photos, tweets and selfies to us via email or using the hashtag #UOVTGrad. We’ll be sharing the latest pictures from the graduation day on our Facebook page every day.

Your University of Mayford's Graduation Ceremony

University of Mayford