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Career Services

Offering a wide variety of services, University of Mayford stands out tall amongst competition. These services are provided to help the students and professionals in equipping themselves for a progressive future.

We work in association with our faculty and academic advisors, along with our dedicated career professionals to offer the best services and improving our processes for efficiency and effectiveness of smooth delivery of all of our services.

Following are the types of Placement Services offered by University of Mayford:


University of Mayford is specifically created to cater to the professionals who have little time to spare and are not looking forward to compromise their current jobs but reach academic soundness in the process. This is why most of the applications we receive of the candidates are employed and have rich experience in their respective fields. Since the professionals enrolled are seeking better opportunities, University of Mayford provides for placement services which includes job opportunities or internships in case of very little experience or change of field.


In order to better prepare the students for the real world experience, University of Mayford is offering internship opportunities so that the students can better understand the professional practices and learn how to utilize their learned experience in workplace settings. During the internship program, students are given the chance to work on projects and gain relevant experience via related practices. This helps them to prepare for the actual jobs in the industry. The internships could further fall into two categories of being paid and unpaid, in accordance with the industry and organization.


This service is most specifically targeted to alumni and professionals enrolling in University of Mayford who look forward to better their lives by grabbing on to career opportunities that allows for growth and advancement. We connect the employers in need of candidates and the candidates in need of jobs via this service of ours. In this way, our students get associated with high profile organizations right after their graduation. These plans are created in close coordination with our prestigious corporate partners.

Specialized Programs
and Courses

Under the Career Focused Education Programs, University of Mayford allows Individuals to study specialized programs and courses in relevant fields to enhance their career prospects.

Our Accreditations and Associations