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Corporate Partners

University of Mayford is not just focused on the mission of delivering premium education, but is also making great efforts towards making a better future for the students. We do so by creating strong affiliations with the world's best employers and maintaining a name in the corporate society.

These accomplice businesses are constantly informed at whatever point there are changes taking place in the educational module or graduates are passing out. Moreover, anytime an opportunity in terms of vacancy emerges at our partner organizations, we are informed in advance so that we can provide with a list of graduates who would most probably be eager to join their organizations. In such an event, we are successful in creating a win-win situation for both, our students and the corporate partners.

When they are shortlisted or accepted in groups, it proves that the education and skills we have developed in our students were in accordance with the standards and that our partners respect and hold faith in us in providing them with the best lot.

Our Internship Program

Our internship programs as unique learning experiences for students. Our internship programs enables students to test lessons learned in class, become aware of their obligations as professionals and to the public, and acquaint themselves with different work environments. With more than 91% of UoMayford undergraduates and 56% of graduate students completing one or more internships before graduation, our career advisors are adept in helping students to identify and maximize meaningful internships.

Our Placement Program

Employment opportunities at UoMayford are excellent. Graduates are well prepared for employment in academic and applied positions. Over the past years, many of our former Master’s and Ph.D. students have chosen to pursue academic careers in various departments at public and private firms.

Become Our Partner Employer

All the institutions working in association with University of Mayford are partners of the university. To create the habit of sending in good referrals, we give significance to and have included all those institutions and individuals to our partnership program who send us referrals. Referral earns them benefits given by University of Mayford. In this way a prestigious name like University of Mayford can be added in your professional contacts.

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