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Cameron Wagner

Professor - School of Engineering

Interests:   Robotics, Vision, 3-D modeling


Dr. Wagner supervises researches at the University of Mayford, primarily in the Robotics but his work is spread over multiple disciplines including 3D Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, 3D Modeling and Visualization. His multi-disciplinary works are reflected in his pioneering research works in field of inverse modeling and design, and codifying information into images and surfaces. However, his most notable work remains in the Robotics industry with his compelling work on precision coordination and motion control for multi agent systems.

Research Interests:

Dr. Wagner favors executing research work in collaboration with both PhD candidates and graduate students. His areas of interest for research are:

  • Vision-based control for autonomous robotic systems
  • Motion control with applications for manufacturing and autonomous robots
  • Space-time 3D Models in Real World 3D Scenes

Notable Publications:

  • Interactive And Photorealistic Walkthroughs Of Complex Indoor Environments: An Image Based Approach.
  • Overcoming 3D reconstruction challenges
  • Human Autonomy and Robot Interaction: Interfaces that facilitate trust calibration

Current Works:

Dr. Wagner’s current works include heading the department of Robotics at UoMF. He also supervises the research on designing surgical robots and wearable robotic suits that work closely with humans with major focus on precision, dexterity and safe usage for physical interaction