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Rebecca Wilmoth

Associate Professor - School of Business & Management

Interests:   Algorithmic Game Theory and Economics, Complexity Theory


Rebecca Wilmoth joined University of Mayford as an associate professor in 2016. She graduated from Cornell state university in 2011, after which, she served as a Senior Lecturer there while completing her research Algorithmic combinatorial game theory and logical bounds. She is currently working on a book covering areas of theoretical computer science, artificial intelligence and discrete mathematics. Her book has received contributions from various professors around the globe. Wilmoth anticipates that her book will help students, researchers and practitioners explore new areas in Algorithmic game theory and theoretical computer science.

Research Interests:

Wilmoth’s areas of interest for research are:

  • Algorithms under uncertainty
  • Game theoretic framework
  • Algorithmic rationality and costly computations
  • Computer science and economic theories

Notable Publications:

  • Algorithmic Game Theory: Challenging the Nash Equilibrium
  • An algorithmic game theory approach to differential privacy

Current Works:

Wilmoth is currently supervising various researches in the computer science and economics department, with studies focusing on developing game-theoretic frameworks to explain observed behaviors in well-studied games.