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Due to the dedication of University of Mayford towards their goals, we continuously make headlines and receive partnerships and sponsorship accolades from international media, thanks to our existing partners, faculty and advisors for delivering outstanding services.

Why online learning is better than classroom learning - Mayford’s Stance

Deviation from conventional learning approach is often resisted by the majority of students, whereas announcing novel tools rely on rigorous change.

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Lack of Financial Assistance: Fear of Advance Education Fees hinders the Admission Rate

The Education Deficit - Unaffordability of the basic, higher and advanced level education tuition fees. In recent years, a number of countries have become part of international political drives to ensure that people have access and complete education in the countries that lag behind the most.

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Online University Platform: Academic Trends that are set to make difference on this coming year.

Online education offers prospects of expediency, availability, and personalization that has never been applied before in the academia. As technology is becoming more affordable, reports state that by the year 2022, online education would be top $240 billion.

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