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Establishing The
Future of Learning

Why online learning is better than classroom learning - Mayford’s Stance

Deviation from conventional learning approach is often resisted by the majority of students, whereas announcing novel tools rely on rigorous change. Mayford realizes that students and faculty members have become more equipped for exceling in all aspects. Hence, academics have come to the place where it should also be digitalized to provide one-to-one education.
Despite risks or challenges, online education popularity is making it visible that it is exceptionally advancing in covering all the pillars of education, from corporate learning to social learning to educational learning. At Mayford, you can see an extensive enactment of connected technology to carry out the education initiatives.

The key myth regarding online education is that its arrangement is quite static. It is necessary to realize that there are so many different forms of online learning, i.e. online constituents of blended learning courses. By keeping organizational outcomes and individuals’ needs in mind, creators of online education tools at Mayford are working on customized materials.

The environment of online education is quite dynamic as it can be promptly reformed to redirect new learning initiatives or updated to embrace new and more pertinent information. As compared to classroom education, e-learning has modified the assessments and learning tools with an online platform.