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Future of Learning

Lack of Financial Assistance: Fear of Advance Education Fees hinders the Admission Rate

The Education Deficit - Unaffordability of the basic, higher and advanced level education tuition fees. 

In recent years, a number of countries have become part of international political drives to ensure that people have access and complete education in the countries that lag behind the most. Such efforts have had some success, but UN experts indicate that education progress worldwide has left behind. More children and adolescents are on the verge of discontinuing the advance education and those who are associated with studies are facing unsuitable learning conditions.

Researches have reported that cost of advance education on conventional learning obstructs the students to pursue their academic ambitions. This hindrance is causing lack of talent supply to the corporate and other major sectors. To cater to the issues on a lower ground, Mayford is helping students out by providing the pocket friendly fee structure. Mayford has devoted its purpose of existence by designing scholarship, tuition, and aid to keep education within everyone's reach. Online education is the platform to provide the affordable education and to make the education accessible for not just the United States, but for the students worldwide.