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Establishing The
Future of Learning

Online University Platform: Academic Trends that are set to make difference on this coming year.

Online education offers prospects of expediency, availability, and personalization that has never been applied before in the academia. As technology is becoming more affordable, reports state that by the year 2022, online education would be top $240 billion. And 80% of the companies of United States will offer the platform of professional development opportunities to the online degree holders of grads or advance level students. The coming year at Mayford is bringing online academic trends, which would focus on building a work-life skill i.e. Problem Solving, Building Alliance, Leadership & Management, Flexibility & Communication. These skills would be the characteristics of a vigorous workforce ready for a change. 
The average human can actually concentrate for a maximum of 20 minutes. Hence, Mayford considers micro-learning to be among the top online trends of this year. Mayford’s micro-learning constitutes the bit-sized lessons of the program from 1 to 20 minutes. This form of learning in online education inspires an individual to learn, when and where it is convenient for them. University of Mayford’s key step is to make the e-learning mobile compatible. It is not just for the content, which will be accessible, but the one that would be designed for mobile specifically.    

The average lifespan of skills is not more than 5 years. Therefore, it is necessary for the working professionals or the students enrolled in professional studies to step into the diplomas or various programs related to their field. Mayford believes in the mentorship of its students so that they can lead to a proper personal growth and extensive development, rather than being in role-based targets. 

Moreover, Mayford’s discussion forums, Question/Answer page, Live chats and shared documents assist in creating an online learning space for the students to engage throughout their program, regardless of where they are.