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Establishing The
Future of Learning

Adding-Up Opportunities: UoMayford announces the remarkable expansion in business, education and Health Programs.

Today’s online students come from a variety of educational and professional backgrounds. Hence, it is necessary for the students to enroll themselves in the programs and courses, which can link them to the area they want to explore and the area they are coming from.

Online education has progressed tremendously in the past decade. Mayford is expanding the range of online degree programs in specialized disciplines and individuals are opting the relevant options. If you are working as a professional, it doesn’t mean that you can’t study anymore rather individuals should enroll themselves in the new courses related to their field of work. It further leads to the enhancement of professional skills.   

Mayford’s rigorous researches anticipate that in academic disciplines, there would be certain top areas for growth in the next 5 years, including Business, Health Administration, Hospitality Management, General Studies, and Education.

Keeping the future necessity in mind, University of Mayford announces the remarkable addition in the list of courses and programs. A whole new domain of Health Administration would be available from now onwards for the students who want to peruse their careers in the healthcare sector. Although, Mayford is enriched with the programs and courses in Business management, yet an expansion in the same field has been done to provide the polished talent to the corporate sector in the future.