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Distinguished Schools At UoMayford

Offering 15 professional schools, University of Mayford is providing for quality education like none other. It has a wide array of online majors and courses to choose from that are available to all the students globally.

All the schools are leading institutes in the specific regions and produces candidates that are high in demand by employers, thanks to the integrity and brand name that has been developed. Since the nature of the university is research-based, it creates courses and tailor-design the study curriculums that are directly in line with the industry knowledge required for the students to be aware of right after they graduate. Such practices foster for an educational environment that is based on practical understanding and skill generation within the student.

  • All the standards that are required to excel in any field
  • Experienced faculty sharing their professional experiences to motivate students
  • Engagement with a wide network of industry professionals
  • Easy access to our online learning materials

Why UoMayford

Self-Paced Education

University of Mayford aim is to assist you in earning a degree without any hassle and therefore, we have not set up a strict schedule.

Affordable Education

University of Mayford has set up a customized fee structure and financing solutions as per the needs of students.

Global Recognition

The degree programs offered at University of Mayford are recognized & accepted globally because of our highest academic standards.

Explore Variety of Schools Offered at UoMayford


Experience with University of Mayford taught me how to learn independently, how to cater a problem by finding different ways to solve it. Most importantly, this experience taught me the necessary skills, which will enable me to continue developing the learned skills beyond the electronic class.

Eric Walker


I’ve been serving the Military from a very early age, which makes me move from place to place quite frequently. I’m currently doing Masters from University of Mayford. This experience has given me a whole new perspective that is more of a civilian nature, which I can say that my militant colleagues do not have. The knowledge I am gaining from this online platform is assisting me to grow as a leader.

Thomas Reardon


Being a single parent of two kids, and working full-time, my schedule becomes hectic enough. I chose to pursue my further studies through University of Mayford, which I consider as one of the best decisions of my life. From the administration to the instructors, everyone has been extremely helpful in my educational path.

John Nixon


In the last two years, the most I have enjoyed studying at University of Mayford is its flex hours and convenience. Now, I am not only a full-time employee but a full-time student as well without any struggles. This experience of online learning helped me in building network connections and in communication with other classmates.

David Hood


Bachelor’s Programs offered by University of Mayford provided me the perfect learning opportunity. They allowed me to receive a high quality education without interfering in my otherwise hectic schedule. The availability of course is incredible & interactive tools are quite easier to use. I’ll definitely be looking forward to continuing my Master’s Degree program with University of Mayford.

Donald A. Jackson

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